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Next message Ken Morris  posted on Monday, April 19, 2010 - 09:40 pm
We want to use DDS to disseminate track data. We also want to use DDSI so we can interoperate, if needed, with platform entities that may be using an alternate, but DDSI-compliant, DDS implementation. Many, if not all, of the platform entities in a real world scenario could be both publishers of their own platform track data as well as subscribers to other tracks in the scenario. There could be dozens to hundreds, or possible more, platform entities in a real-world scenario. Track data is periodic, and best-effort reliability is all that's required. We would like to minimize, as much as possible, any DDS P2P comm. We could possible live with a little Heartbeat / AckNack P2P comm for a short time after discovery of a new platform, but we want all multicast after that.

I have not yet been able to get OpenSplice to transmit multicast track data while using DDSI (it appears that discovery traffic is multicast, but then the writer transmits data to the reader using P2P). I have experimented with using a combination of DDSI and the regular Networking service, and I can transmit multicast track data, but then its using 'raw' UDP and not RTPS2 protocol (and I assume, though I have not yet tested it, that it would not interoperate with a non-OpenSplice DDS).

FYI - I'm using v4.3 Community edition of OpenSplice. I've been testing on a simple 2 node lab network, and using wireshark for network capture.

1) Can OpenSplice transmit multicast topic data using DDSI (RTPS2 protocol)? If so, could you provide some tips or pointers I could try in order to make it work?
2) If OpenSplice cannot currently transmit multicast topic data using DDSI, do you have any plans to add this capability to OpenSplice? If so, do you have an estimated date by which a new release with such capability would be available?

Thanks for your time.
Next message Hans van 't Hag  posted on Monday, May 03, 2010 - 12:47 pm
Hi Ken,

Just to close this issue on the forum:

Yes OpenSplice uses multicast for DDSI, but only 'when needed' i.e. with a 2-node setup, it will use the unicast-locator instead (as its sufficient and more efficient).

For details, see the discussions on the OSL_DEV mailing list
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